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Tested high security service. We developed an efficient mobile application, able to guarantee the wellness of your family and employees. With specific features, the subscriber will be the first to know the real time location of the secondary profiles, with specialized attention by a professional team 24/7 thanks to a panic button, they’ll also be able to confirm their safety or ask for assistance, additionally they’ll receive preventive alerts regarding possible hazardous events near their location.

Check everything related to your payroll, account statements, savings funds and benefits that Coppel has for you in this ColaborApp. From making withdrawals, payments to your account, requesting vacations and obtaining employment letters, from anywhere you will be informed to support you in whatever you need.


A trustworthy and professional platform. Through this digital platform, we succeeded in integrating three different functions that fit the logged profile: Accretio, insured and insurance company. With just login in, we guarantee that the user will have information instantly according to their needs and user type, whether it is to activate, cancel or visualize their policy information, insurance reports, to manage requests, administrate their collaborators, etc.

El Chavo Kart

Take the wheel and race head-to-head to become your neighborhood champion! This pocket-sized kart racing game features the main characters of El Chavo in a version never seen before.
HDI Weeteem

Community, heart and corporate strategy. Unique tool that can make live in a practical and valuable way, the strategy, culture and heart of HDI, aligned with the wishes of its employees. The result, a horizontal communication and collaboration platform.

Coppel Max

Coppel Max is Coppel loyalty program, where members earn a percentage for each transaction and another percentage every time they complete a 4 months cycle of timely payments on their credit. It's easy, free and every client with a credit line in Coppel stores is automatically a Coppel Max member.


A game where you can bring to life the most fantastic creatures you ever imagined, the Kuijez are magical beings made to protect every child the moment he or she is born, in this original game you can immerse in a fantastical world and make your life the biggest adventure.

Simi Aventuras

Help Dr. Simi in this 'endless runner' where you will have to run dodging all the obstacles he finds on his way, which will not be exactly a few. Grab pills, swap Dr. Simi's costumes, use his incredible powers to reach the objectives through 30 challenging levels.

iOS - Android

Platform where the objective is to optimize children's care processes at the basic level. 12 mini games in a weekly program where it is recommended 20 minutes after going to school, so that children can learn to focus their cognitive abilities while play, seeking to improve performance in their academic activities and daily life.

Sky Hero

Sky Hero uses your location to alter the in-game environment, you’ll be falling from the top of a never-ending skyscraper weaving back and forth to collect coins and evade enemies, luckily you’ve got a pig suit and other slapstick power-ups to fend off your inevitable doom as long as possible.

A one inclusive app that lets you keep track and manage everything that happens to your KIA, from scheduling maintenance to access safety services and call for help on the road. From any platform you can be always on the road.
Impulsa Ibero

Helping college students follow their dreams was never this easy. We partnered with one of the most inclusive and forward thinking universities to launch a platform that enables the community to help students follow and fund their plans.

Steelcase StoryPath

StoryPath empowers and simplifies the selling process with an immersive experience for customers and sales agents around the globe, converting any Workspace into a SmartWorkspace through beacon technology.


Exploring Fintech in Mexican families. Tool to help parents provide a better financial education to their children and at the same time improve the way in which families have a relationship with money.


Mexiro is part of the Civil Society of Mexico whose goal is to deconcentrate the power of the status quo that prevents sustainable development. Responsive website for viewing in all types of browsers with a content manager.
Gas Premium

Don't worry about calling stationary gas again, create an appointment so you don't have to suffer finding who is going to fill your tank. Simply schedule the day and time available, add the necessary data and wait for it to arrive at your home or business.